About us

We are group Fresh, Ready to experiment, creating value for money, Designers Who are into Web design,Software development,Web development Search engine optimization,Search engine marketing (ppc),Hosting with domain services, Social media marketing.

Our Vision

To be a leading Information technology company in the field of Internet advertising
Explanation :We seek to be the a known brand in the field of Internet advertising Specifically in Website design. Software development. Search engine optimization,Search engine marketing (ppc), Hosting,domain services and social media marketing.

Our Mission

Creating value for customers and helping them grow their business.
Explanation :A value added service will help the customer more and hence we want to help in the same

Bad Advertizing May Kill Your Business

Shaktiinfomedia was born on july 2010 as the vision of certain young minds who saw and felt the need that SME need a good tool foradvertising their business to their target group so as to reach the market share of their competitors without having their pockets cut immensely. We help SME to show case their bands on the most technology platforms like social media,search engines, and the internet at large,we help SME show case their brands to the world,reach their target customers and get business. It is widely believed that competition may kill a business but we say bad advertising also does the same."BAD ADVERTIZING MAY KILL YOUR BUSINESS" In this competitive era it is necessary to know how to reduce your bottom lines and effectively advertize with great roi ( Return on investment ). Our humble beginnings can be traced back to as a small company providing only website design services along with time and the confidence of our customers on us we grew making new achievements from web designers to hosting providers,Re seller hosting,bulk emails,domain names,ivr services to application and software development.

Our Motto


Our Values :-

1) Commitment: We pledge to be the best we can be We strive for excellence. We deliver what we promise.

2) Responsiveness: We anticipate changing needs and act promptly We keep ahead of changing realities. We take quick and decisive actions. We continuously learn and adapt.

3) Teamwork: We work together to achieve Shakti's goals.